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tv   Mad Money  NBC  September 29, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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we are heading back to college. we'll find you at the university of texas -- >> university of tennessee -- >> see you. have an awesome weekend, everybody. thanks. >> bye. >> nice meeting you. i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game! >> firms are going to go out of business. and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money" "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. my job is not just to entertain but i'm trying to teach you. call me at 800-743-cnbc. what happened to september being the worst month of the year? going into this month everybody and their mother was worried that this market's rally had finally run its course! and we're in for the first class beatdown. instead even those month ended
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on a down note today, dow getting back 49 points, s & p sliding 4.5%, nasdaq climbing 6.5%, september turned out to be terrific for the averages! making this the seventh month of the year where the s & p has finished higher and the eighth month of gains for the dow. holy cow. if anybody is wondering, this market is exactly what a bull market actually looks like. s&p 500 rallied 2.4% in september capping off a glorious third quarter. where the index gained close to 6%. not to mention the fact it's up about 15% for the year. 17% when you factor in dividend payments. i know there are a lot of negatives out there. a lot of total legitimate worries. yet these fears have been trumped by the continued optimism that comes from believing the world central banks will turn the tide of slowing global growth. you never want to fight the fed. i learned that in 1980 when i first started taking down some nice-sized positions for my, well, let's say to be able to pay for school.
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but you really don't want to fight the fed. you don't want to fight the fed when it's teamed up with the the european central bank and hopefully with the chinese central bank when they decided to throw some gasoline on their fire. hence this fabulous september rally. that's what made it happen. not the earnings. let me give you the game plan for next week. first sunday night for once i won't be watching china. i'll be watching the eagles versus the giants in philadelphia. you can watch on nbc. for a moment fantasy football becomes a reality. and finance becomes fantasy. at least until end of the fourth quarter. then i go right back on china watch on the way home. on tuesday morning we hear from mosaic which is a beautiful name for a company that sells perhaps the least glamorous product on earth, fertilizer. constantly get questions about them. there's always a sense the companies can blow away the numbers. and they are real wild traders.
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i think the iron culture trade is alive and well. merrill lynch traded well today. it should be played with monsanto. why? in a moment i'll tell you. but this is indeed the higher quality company. mosaic is much cheaper, though. and i bet it can be a beneficiary of the low-cost of natural gas. it's headed back down again. funny thing about monsanto. even though it makes seeds it trades not like a seed company but like a biotech company. in fact, based on its price earnings this stock is more expensive than sellgene or giliad. monsanto is an innovator. the company has patented some seeds that are worth fortunes. is it the big winner everyone this it is? in the last few days i have seen so many positive research notes out there that have raised the bar for monsanto that all i can say is, they'd better blow away the numbers or else!
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here's the lag guard dollar store company. the one the analysts love to hate. it's only because the others are so good. that's why you get the disparity. i was steps away from my dollar tree this week. because i'm trying to lose some weight. i didn't go in to get candy. for example my travel trust bought stock on the dollar general secondary offering today because that secondary knocked the share price back to levels that were just too attractive to resist. i still like this cohort. i don't think family dollar is going to be as bad as the analysts say. now talk about analysts and insight, i want to explain toout way the world works here. a little more than a week ago merritt got hit from a downgrade from jp morgan. it didn't seem random to me. i took note of it it was so close to the quarterly report i figured that guy knows something we don't. it's like the line on football. like you see it, like wow, how do people know this stuff in anyway, that to me says be
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careful. anyway, look. if you want to play -- my suggestion is to buy wyndham. i now think it's the cheapest and best value in what has been a pretty darn good group. beyond earnings there's some really important big picture macro data coming next week. on monday we get the september institute for supply management. here's a number that will call into question the whole idea of a slowdown. especially at the chicago purchasing manager report out today which showed a great deal of weakness in the u.s. if we get no news out of china over the weekend and this number is bad we're going to be hearing about companies cutting back, slamming on the brakes. but why? do i even have to say why anymore? that's why i call it the fiscal retaining wall. so tired of hearing fiscal cliff. it's called a cliche', people. with every bad number you're going to hear how the issues in washington are now the cause about what's wrong for this market and will be wrong in 2013. also monday there's the german purchasing manager's index.
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bear with me for this. the german stock market is up 22, 23%. but we are beginning to get some weaker economic numbers. which actually helps the bullish cause. because we need the germans to recognize that their hard-line position is now hurting themselves. and so far they really haven't felt much pain. on thursday we hear from the european central bank. this will be a terrific occasion for them to say spain has made its ends points and the bailout money is ready if the banks want it. in other words it would be a great moment to put an end to this nonsense once and for all by showing the worst is now behind them. can you imagine if we came in and they said that? wait a second. while stranger things have happened, will it matter? friday the labor department releases september non-farm payrolls figures. this is the most important piece of data this week. and maybe this year. if you're mitt romney. we had a downbeat number last time but it didn't hurt the market that badly because the fed then committed to a full-out
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war against deflation. we can't expect the fed to come out this time and say something positive because they're not scheduled to speak. look out below if the employment report is weak. because i think we could get hammered. i don't like to enter on a downbeat note. but i'm a realist on the show. on tuesday cramer fave powermaker pvh, happy analysts day. we've been huge barks of their ceo and he has often used these kinds of events to telegraph better than expected numbers. last time we spoke to him he was very optimistic. we need to be sure that the positive tone continues because retail and banking have been the two stalwarts then oil in the last quarter. by monday we'll be in a new month and new quarter. the central bank inspired optimism isn't going away anytime soon. next week we got a bunch of big picture data points both domestically and europe. if they turn out badly
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particular friday's employment number, we will most certainly roll back some of this quarter's back to full harvest. michael in illinois, please, michael. >> caller: hi, jim. thanks for take my call. >> you bet. what's up? >> caller: okay. my question is about select comfort, scss. with the current situation tempurpedic, it appears to me like they've covered both the high and the low. so my question in general about select comfort is, would that be a good short or a good long? >> you know, these stocks -- one of the things i loved about when i was at the hedge fund, we used to sit down. i would say we ought to go pull the trigger on some tpx. this is the biggest battle ground in the world. there are guys going at it long and short. and they know it better than you. here's my take. there's guys going long and short. they know it better than me and you. we're staying away from this battlefield. we don't have the horses.
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let's go to zach in massachusetts. please, zach. >> caller: hey, jim, thanks for having me on your show. problem of choosing stocks and recommending it to another stock investor. and i chose nike. apparently they had some earnings last night but they weren't up to par. how do you feel about that? should i stick with that or stay with another one? >> coportfolio manager and i went over this quarter. i'm sitting there last night. a pathetic parody of myself. a 67 -- all right, a 57-year-old man while waiting for the browns to take field for an hour and a half i'm going over this nike quarter. line by line. geez north america so strong 23. china so weak six. finally i realize, holy cow, nike's charging too much for its sneaks. that's all you need to know. we've been scaling back for the travel trust. i think the stock goes higher i'm a seller. let's go to joe in texas, please, joe. >> caller: good day to you, mr. cramer. a question about the strength of the telecommunication industry.
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jup per. morgan stanley rate earnings estimate on cisco, should i be adding to my positions in juniper? >> i think juniper is a casually if not collateral damage of what could be a very good quarter coming with cisco. why i do say that? both morgan stanley and goldman said cisco's having a very strong quarter. it's coming out of someone's high. and i think it could be the giants. oh, i'm sorry. i mean juniper. goodbye, september. hello, october! it's all about the big picture. we have some optimism but we got to watch the big picture numbers. and this, the big day better be good or we're going to start take back some of these bountiful gains. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, airborne? >> what is your location over. >> critical mission technology that helps protect our country. is it positioned to defend your portfolio or could budget cutbacks put it at risk?
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cramer's running reconnaissance to find out when he talks with the company's ceo just ahead. and later, gold royalty? as the fed prints more money, gold bugs celebrate. tonight cramer's got a brand-new precious metal's spec play that could help you shine. is it time to strike while the iron's hot? stay tuned to find out. plus -- apple's maps app fiasco is causing backlash with users. tonight cramer's navigating the mobile landscape and checking in on one tech stock now showing signs of life after being left for dead. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jim cramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to madmoney at or give us a call. miss something? head to
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i'm always talking breakup place here at "mad money." companies that can create value for their shareholders by splitting themselves up. i wanted to check in on the product of one of last year's big breakups, itt-xls.
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investors in the industry applauded the itt breakup. the stock popped 17% on the news. ever since the splitup xls has been flying and the radar. only four analysts cover it. it's been flat since the breakup last october. mostly because of concern about the fiscal cliff. we could see major cuts in defense spending. given it gets 70% of its sales from the department of defense you can see why people would be nervous. however, i think those worries might be baked into the stock at those levels. it might be exaggerated. plus xls sports a juicy 4% yield. even if the worse does happen they're paying you to wait for washington to sort itself out. the other thing it represents a niche area within the budget. it's not one of those big old cold war programs that they have. i don't know if we should even be that worried. among the other things the company makes is highly secure communication systems, energy
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analysis, warfare systems, night vision goggles. it also has an information technical side where they do everything from aircraft traffic management for the faa and networks. that's probably less sensitive to the budget cuts we're all so worried about. last quarter was quite strong. if we don't fall off the fiscal cliff this could be the right stock to own. even if we do smash into the fiscal retaining wall, trading at six times next year's earnings. i just don't think there's much risk here. don't take it from me. let's talk to david melcher the president and ceo of xls who is a retired general of the army. mr. melcher, welcome to "mad money." >> thank you so much. >> have a seat. >> appreciate it. >> first, david, we like companies that get more focus, that were conglomerates and they boil down to different divisions. what does it mean and how much better can you can standing alone than you could be as part of a larger conglomerate?
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>> we are more focused in our investments. we're able to control our destiny with respect to the portfolio and merger and acquisition activity. i think certainly we are focusing solely on being a defense aerospace and networking company as opposed to worrying about the other products that were part or of the former itt. >> i think that there has been maybe too much hoopla about this fiscal cliff. the reason i say that, even though i know in your interview with the you said it could have a huge impact. the kinds of programs you're involved in are not gigantic, cold war programs that perhaps should be slated, anyway, for defense -- for defense cuts. i mean, aren't your programs niche enough that you may not even feel it if there is sequestration? >> we absolutely have capabilities that are not platform dependent that's the key permanent. >> the big savings come from taking platforms out of the inventory. we provide things that go onto those platforms or for soldier systems, radios, night vision
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goggles and jammers we put into aircraft and vehicles. so we have a lot of capabilities that are very compatible with the department of defense stated priorities as they go forward in the pacific and other places that they think are important. the thing that was most unnerving, i read all your presentations, the department of defense hasn't really given any guidance what's going to happen. >> they haven't. >> that's a little weird, isn't it? we're a few months away. >> our customer in some ways doesn't know anymore than the defense industry does at this point about where the cuts will be. i think that they're taking a hard look at programs and where they might take those cuts. onb has said it could be about a 9% cut across all the programs. for our part we think we can do better than the overall market will be. >> you have this very niche electronic warfare where i feel that our country has an edge because of you. at the same time you have international business. how do you keep the bad guys from getting the good stuff? >> well, there are very detailed rules about technology transfer that we are entirely compatible
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with. so we can sell night vision goggles but it is not the highest grade of night vision goggles our own troops use. same is true for electronic warfare. jammers we have only able to sell it to one country, australia. favored status. >> there's a pacific capability that you mentioned. there is no one, quoting my friend david faber, no one who knows how to get secrets and exploit them better than the chinese, who i understand because look there's a lot of sabre rattling. we've got to keep a lot of the technology out of their hands. how much time and effort do you spend to make sure the chinese don't have what we have? >> certainly in terms of the security of our systems and our networks, that's a top priority. you cannot allow this technological advantage to get into the hands of folks who would use it in a manner you don't want. we work at that very hard. by the way, cyber security is an integral part of everything we do with networks, from faa to nasa networks to the department of defense networks. >> it is important to point out the faa the air traffic, this is
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not sequestration kind of activity. >> 30% as you mentioned of our portfolio is faa and nasa networks. when you watched the curiosity landing on mars you saw our communications in work for nasa in play. that was all integral to that effort. we have international customers about 10% of revenues. commercial about 4 or 5%. >> lockheed martin the other day boosted its dividend from $1 to $1.15. i look at lockheed's portfolio i'm worried about what they have. that's a great company. it's been terrific. i really like the management. but they are able to boost their dividend without pretty close to the fiscal cliff. you've got that 4% yield. is the possibility that you could do something like lockheed martin and raise it or do you have to just wait to see what happens? >> jim i think we need to wait to see what happens. we have other financial pressures. we have a pension that was part of the transfer from itt. >> go ahead. >> we've got some other uses of
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the cash that we have to attend. to but we certainly want to look out for our shareholders. that's why we started with a very competitive dividend. >> okay. now, what can you use and expand into more civilian stuff your high tech? in other words, yes, you're more focused. but there's no one that says you have to do nothing with the feds. >> absolutely. so for example, our commercial pay loads for imagery we're trying to market those internationally and we have the ability to do that. night vision has commercial applications. we have a commercial air structure composites business both for military applications as well as big companies like boeing and airbus. so we're trying to expand that boundary as well as we can going forward. it represents opportunities and it's close to our our core. >> i look at all these defense stocks, i love high-yielding stocks. every one of them i'm worried about. you i'm worried about the least. it seems like you have always had in mind that one day the big projects might end. and you got to stay niche. you've done that very effectively. >> we're going to continue to do
3:22 am
that and create affordable solutions for our customer to upgrade those things in the system they won't be able to buy new anymore. >> i don't want to get my dad mad at me. thank you for service. for being a general. >> you bet. >> thank you very much. thank you, david melcher, president and ceo of exelis, xls. inexpensive stock even if we hit the retaining wall. after the break i'll try to make you more money. coming up, gold royalty? as the fed prints more money, gold bugs celebrate. tonight cramer's got a brand-new precious metal spec play that could help you shine. is it time to strike while the iron's hot? stay tuned to find out. and later. apple's maps app fiasco is causing backlash with users. tonight cramer's navigating the mobile landscape and checking in on one tech stock now showing signs of life after being left for dead. all coming up on "mad money." it's time to change the way we clean.
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you know how i feel about gold. you need some in your portfolio especially right here because the shiny stuff has been breaking out like crazy the last couple of months. just about every major country engaged in a race to debase their currency. gold still has plenty of room to run. that's when central bankers and china and refed roll out money from nothing. they got to get this economy cooking.
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tonight i got a new albeit speculative way for you to play the gold ally. you know that for ages my position has been if you want to plate precious metal first do it in bullion or go with the etf that mirrors the price of gold. the monitors their stocks are too risky. we need a stock that could benefit from -- running a gold mine comes with all kinds of headaches. capital expenditure overruns, higher cash costs. mine shutdowns from labor disputes to bad weather to government intervention. gold is in a lot of places that aren't sterling democrat says. mark bristol ceo of wrangle told us gold mining is not for sissies. i have pretty much sworn off the entire space. but what if there was a company that gave you the benefits of the gold mining business, name lit ability to find new gold and
3:27 am
increase production, and we like growth, without all the short-term headaches, these risks that make owning the stock such a horror show. i think that could be a terrific buy especially in an environment where the price of gold keeps going higher. what is this company? it's sandstorm gold symbol sand. speculative canadian mine financing business. think of sandstorm as beinging a financer for gold miners. we're in an environment where miners have a lot of trouble getting financing. lenders aren't lending them money. they need more capital. take advantage of this high gold price. that's where sandstorm comes in they will give a gold miner immediate money up front in exchange for the percentage of the future gold produced. in essence buying themselves a piece of the production stream. they also make a fixed ongoing payment for the gold they receive down the road. that payment is incredibly low,
3:28 am
usually around $500 an ounce. gold is worth about $1700 an ounce. why don't you think of sandstorm being a smaller version of a stock that blew my mind when they came on the show, franklin nevada. that's another company that invests in gold royalty streams who's ceo opened my eyes to this whole concept. since then the stock has risen 13% in three weeks. franklin nevada was a buy after they came on. sandstorm is so much smaller than franklin nevada or real world which is the other big player. the company can focus on taking down smaller deals that the big boys wouldn't bother with because the deals with too small to move the needle for. at the moment sandstorm has acquired eight gold streams and three royalties. out of these 11 total assets five of them are now producing. most of these assets are in geopolitically stable areas, three in brazil, three in canada, one in mexico, one in nevada. maybe that's the least stable. fiscal cliff. financial joke. anyway the company has 150 million in capital it can use to acquire new production streams. i've seen one analyst who this sandstorm can grow production by
3:29 am
an astounding 228% from last year through 2015 on a cumulative basis. even if that figure's too bullish, even within the realm of possibility makes it compelling. i am always looking for a way to play with gold with a lot of up side. at the end of the day this business is about management. they know what risk is. if investing in the royalty streams from gold mines was easy everybody would do it. you and me we'd get in this game. in order to succeed they have to be able to identify mines that in future production will be greater than expected. that's how the company gets good deals. sandstorm can pull this off because their management team has a ton of mining expertise. the ceo and co-founder nolan watson, you may know him as the former chief executive officer at sill have been at silver wheaton. and rio tinto.
3:30 am
what blood lines this company has. four weeks ago, sandstorm did a secondary rough. they sold 15 million shares at 10 bucks. gold miner secondary i think the stock would have been clubbed. especially the kind of small miner that sandstorm is likely to deal with. they can sell shares to the public, raise money and give the miners capital in exchange for a cut of their future production. even though they just made a new 52-week high today the stock sells for just, bear with me, 26 times next year's earnings. i say just because it's a huge discount to franklin nevada which sells for 30 times future earn earnings. their company's cash flows could increase by 23% from 2013. don't have many 43% growers here. if you're like me and think that gold is going to 2,000 an ounce sandstorm is too good to ignore. i suggest you buy half and then wait for a pullback. because the stock and the whole gold complex are wildly overbought.
3:31 am
bottom line, as governments around the world race to debase their currencies, people in these countries are going to buy the only safe currency left on earth. gold! >> house of pleasure. >> that means that precious metals is not done going hire. if you want to speculate look no further than sandstorm. think of this one as a bank for small miners where they give a pound of gold and sand gets its fun. that's shakespeare. jim in arizona please, jim. >> caller: hi, jim. thanks for taking my call. i have been buying gold and silver bullion and coin. and i want to know do you think i should continue buying gold and silver or should i maybe invest in a mining company like barrick or newmont or go with a company like silver wheaton that buys the rights to those minds? >> you are in the sweet spot.
3:32 am
silver wheaton has been a sweet stock. i like the blood lines. but i do think i'm going to stick by gold and then in the bullion as being number one. always people want me to give them a stock. i've been giving them some royalty sweet stocks. tom in california. tom. >> caller: booyah, jim. this fast-growing telecom technology provider porcera networks. they have the highest-performing products in the dpi space and their sales to tier one providers seem to be ramping up fast. >> here's what i'm going to do. there's a really nice article about me in one of the israeli papers earlier this week about how i was so prescient about allot. i am not going to opine on prosera. i will compare allt with yours and we'll come up with a winner. let's go to thomas in missouri. thomas. >> caller: booyah, jim. greetings from kansas city.
3:33 am
i love your show. >> kansas city. big match this week. kind of determining who i play in fantasy. go ahead. >> caller: all right. epsilon pharmaceuticals. they had some positive news on their ns5a inhibitor the other day. i own the stock. do you think there's more top side? >> yes. yes. no, this is one that we highlighted when we did our kind of speculation stocks in the sector. you have got a winner. remember, hepc terrible. i do want to remind people that orashore their particular anti-aids diagnostic test goes into stores next week. i think that matters. david in utah. david. >> caller: hey, jim. i want to get your opinion on triquint semiconductor. the stock price doesn't seem to be reflecting the growth of this company. is it a good buy? >> no. i got enough problems with skyward solutions which had been one of my favorites but i walked away from the sector because there's just too much -- the
3:34 am
semis just aren't that good. but swks is better than triquint in a very competitive area. that would be the best of that particular cohort of semiconductors. all right, fields of gold? sting said it best, didn't he? as usual, right? it's exactly what you want in your portfolio. but in what way? well, let's say for speculation i like sand. stick with gold. stick with cramer. coming up. >> recalculating route. >> apple's maps app fiasco is causing backlash with users. tonight cramer's navigating the mobile landscape and checking in on one tech stock now showing signs of life after being left for dead.
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it is time! it is time for the lightning round! >> buy, buy, buy! >> sell, sell, sell! >> are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round! eugene in montana. eugene. >> caller: booyah from big sky country. >> beautiful. what's up out there? >> caller: hey, living the dream. living the dream. all right. a question about pitney bowes. >> that yield is so high i'm calling it a red flag. i do not want to own that stock.
3:38 am
josef in california. >> caller: booyah, jim. all i can say is thank you. my stock is leap wireless. >> entirely takeover talk. i am not going to buy it. i don't want to be in that business. sorry. i'd rather be this in sprint. todd in washington right now. todd. >> caller: booyah big jim. >> nice. >> caller: hey, pdli ticker symbol. >> i think this is a real good spec. i like that group and therefore i'm going to endorse it. now go to ashton in nevada. ashton. >> caller: mr. cramer, thank you so much for taking my call. a pleasure talking to you, sir. >> my pleasure. >> caller: i need your opinion on hawk resource. >> if we're going to do that one i'm buying hek. better spec drifted back down.
3:39 am
nobody likes it again. joe in pennsylvania. joe. >> caller: booyah, jim. want to hear what your outlook is on gnw. >> genworth. i think the business is just okay. i don't mind buying their insurance. i don't want it own their stock. john in illinois please john. >> caller: hey, jim. booyah to you. >> nice. what's going on? >> caller: twin energies. >> we do not have a president that favors using natural gas as a surface fuel that i can tell. we do not have a presidential candidate in governor romney who's interested in this fuel. i think that clean energy is just okay. don't buy. don't buy. let's go to mike in delaware. mike. >> caller: cabela. cab. >> we've liked them for some time. i'm reiterating the buy here even though they've had a massive run and people are
3:40 am
getting real cold feet about it. let's go to tex in virginia. tex. >> caller: jim i'm choosing a small market cap company called novagold. >> they're too risky. let's go to sam in florida. sam. >> caller: yeah. booyah from venice, florida. >> i love it. >> caller: two-part question. what is your feelings on on philip morris? >> too variable. i've written about this. i think philip morris pm is terrific. let's go to john in massachusetts. john. >> caller: yes. >> john. >> caller: yes, hello. >> how are you? >> caller: good, thanks. how you doing, jim? >> real good. >> caller: good. well, i have a question for you about ford. >> no. why?
3:41 am
because europe is not good. i don't want to own ford. the international business is way too tough. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> hey, jim, a question involving mcdonald's. last week i was sitting there and i was going to order and i looked up and saw the calorie count. >> i don't know. i was surprised that the banking group came in so low. i'm trying to stay at 177-178. i thought it would be when i make my tailor-made bacon eggs? matt lauer's got to be 140, right? he's 140. lesean jackson and matt lauer. now jim cramer explains the pending fiscal cliff. >> cliche' fiscal cliff.
3:42 am
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time for some housekeeping. on tuesday chris in new york asked about corrections corp of america. symbol cxw. largest owner of privatized prisons in the country. maximum to minute security prisons. i like they pay a .2% yield. they operate more than 65 prisons. more than 90,000 beds in 19 states. sadly, the prison market here in the united states is enormous, about $74 billion. i think corrections corp is a pretty long runway for growth. that's considering right now only about 10% of the prison population is outsourced. the stock had a massive run. trading at 20 times last year's earnings, 10% growth rate which would ordinarily make it too pricey for me end of story. the thing is corrections corp has been rallying in anticipation of the company converting to a real estate investment trust which gets special tax treatment as long as
3:47 am
it returns 90% of its profits to shareholders in dividends. if the irs gives them permission you could see them popping 20% on the news. northbound if the government rejects their weak conversion, you could see a decline. i would not buy corrections corp up up there. not. if you already own it scale out of it into the lead conversion which should come in about three months. remember nobody ever got hurt taking a profit. next up, last friday bill in california stumped me. well, i didn't want to offer an opinion yet. he wanted my opinion on splunk, splk. i needed to do some homework. smoking hot ipo from april. a lot of those have kind of been played out. it has the heads of information technology departments, people that run the computer services to get a run on how their networks are operating. they collect monitors and analyzes data in order to help the tech guys manage their networks more efficiently by showing them where the bottle next are forming.
3:48 am
i'll say this for splunk, it's a good idea but budgets are tight. free products do similar things. i'm fearful much larger kpos could enter this market. don't get me wrong. their product is hot and the space is even horse. the stock's valuation is like lava. steeping rich trading 19 times sales with no earnings for years. even worse there's a huge lockup meaning stock could be sold by insiders. coming october 15th insiders will suddenly be allowed to sell 52 million shares. that's 54% of the share count. and then there's another giant lockup expiration january 15th. if you own splunk listen to the steve miller band. yes, go on, take the money and run before those shares hit the market. time for tweets. we had quite a reaction to our day of atonement show on wednesday which really meant a lot to me many true cray americans know i do the show for you and i work hard every day to try to do the right thing to
3:49 am
help you and your family save. when i get these messages i got to redouble my efforts to ignore the haters and stay true to our mission here. i'm going to share a few of them with you now to kick this off. the first is from john earl burnett who says "to all the @jimcramer naysayers, how many of you admit when you're wrong? kudos to you, jim, great show. from @kay shawn 17 who writes "is there anyone else who would even think of spending one hour admitting their mistakes over the past year besides @jimcramer on "mad money" on cnbc? >> continue to believe what you do for investors is far more valuable than what most people give you credit for. thank you for refusing to be mediocre. last one "do you know what separates you from the rest? you have humility to admit when you're wrong. and only a true leader does that. >> i like the way it came out.
3:50 am
and i thank you. i've gotten more positive feedback from that day of atonement show than any show i've done in 2012. all right. our first tweet from dan keller jr. he says "guiding cab, that's cabelas. should i be worried about too much run going into the quarter? as i said, i like cabelas very much. i think it's going to have a standout quarter. the gun business is very, very hot in this country. the one that i'm familiar with ran out of cross bows recently. they're really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel weapons department. now here's a tweet at p:drummer john. it says "how do you feel about home depot at these levels? too late to get in? no it's not too late to get in. the manager of my travel trust, we both think home depot can go substantially higher as we believe the housing market is just now starting to come back
3:51 am
and we're just now beginning to get larger spend as a percentage of the dollar by most homeowners on their home. it has not been a big part of the gdp spend for a long time. next is one from kate at kb merritt 23. they say "come on now, jim. you touted lrcx back in july haven't heard anything since. i'm a subscriber and think we need an update. i put out a piece in september and i said that i felt that the bad news is getting baked into the stock. it was had to do with the fact there were some order cancellations. i think lam -- i'm not going to say the stock is absolutely bottom because it is horrendous acting. i would tell you it's dirt cheap and darn smart to be a buyer. "mad money" is back after the the break. a new city to explore. but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an extra trip. because they get us ridiculously low prices on really nice hotels and car rentals. so we hit boston in the spring--
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two phones i don't want. two phones that better sell well or else their stocks will not be able to rally. that's how i feel today about both apple's iphone 5 and the blackberry 10 from research in motion. apple ceo tim cook offering an apology to buyers of the new iphone now suffering to deal with this map application that has been universally panned. cook said that the future will get better as apple collects more data. i'm not holding my breath. and you don't count me as a buyer. i am thrilled with my iphone 4s. therefore there's no way i'm going to trade up to an iphone 5 if the map app is a tradedown. i use the google application on the road or in a strange surrounding. >> if it were better than what
3:55 am
they could make themselves. >> if it were better than what they could make themselves. as far as the blackberry 10 sounds like a dynamite device. i do like the rim keyboard style very much. certainly a heck of a lot more than the apple touch-screen because i always send wrong letters. every time i do love it comes out live and stuff. after listening to the ceo i'm not even sure when the darn thing's coming out. his refusal to commit to a date was one of the most awkward things i've ever seen in an interview. vague first quarter assertion. who can wait for them? i have hated the stock on research and motion for almost as long as i've liked the stock on apple. i think this is temporary this black eye. i have worried that ever since steve jobs died they would compromise. jobs really hated to sell the
3:56 am
device before its time. and this one is by cook's own admission not ready for its millions of map app users. still i think apple -- catalysts negative one that can truly turn off buyers on the fence between apple and another smart phone choice. research in motion may not have the blackberry 10 in hand but it has cash one in hand. this stock has finally become yes, a better long than a short. now that they've stopped the bleeding research in motion might catch a takeover bid for its intellectual property, 80 million strong subscriber list. i wouldn't normally recommend any stock on a takeover basis but i believe there are many bidders lurking here who were hoping rim would got way of kodak and nortel so it could be bought on the cheap. i think this quarter put that scenario to rest and short story to rest, too. stick with cramer. olay total effects in 2001.
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